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What is POMEDfree® Solution?

POMEDfree® Solution is a Proven Waste Management System designed to solve palm oil mill effluent discharge problem. POMEDfree® '(POME-Discharge free)' utilizes the expertise of Microbial Biotechnology, Composting Science, Mill Process and Engineering Know-how to develop the technology. Biotop Thermophilic Aerobic Bacteria, Fungi and Actinomycetes are utilized in the system to achieve a high rate of biological evaporation. With proper selection of process equipment and good system control, POMEDfree® is able to evaporate all the effluent produce by the mill and eliminate the need for effluent treatment plant and land irrigation. The compost by-product has up to 80% higher nutrients as compared to other systems because 100% of the solid and liquid nutrients from the wastes are recycled.

pomedfree solution flow chart

Advantages and Benefits

advantages and benefits

Track Record

The first POMEDfree® Plant approved by Department of Environment was constructed in Sabah and its operation was closely monitored for one (1) year. All the effluent produced by the mill evaporated away and NO POME was discharged from the mill premise. The compost produced 2.5 tims higher nutrients content compared to other composting systems.

The second POMEDfree® Plant which is also located in Sabah is now in operation and is fully compliant with the zero discharge criteria set by Department of Environment Sabah.


NexusTC has been established as technology provider of POMEDfree™ Solution and composting technology to the palm oil industry. The technology is based on 9 years of composting research done by Biotop and 6 years commercial production and marketing of high quality compost products under Legenda Madu. The researches were led by Professor D.Sc. Ognyan Stoyanov Kostov.

The first POMEDfree™ Solution Waste Management System has been constructed in Sabah and has been in operation since the beginning of 2011. All the effluent produced by the mill has been evaporated and NO POME has been discharged from the mill premise.